In 1953 Frank Dreisbach, under agreement with Gerber Baby Foods, built a warehouse in Oakland, California to pre-cool and store peaches and pears. He entered the controlled-environment warehousing business at the time when frozen orange juice and frozen T.V. dinners were creating new food commodity markets.


That Oakland warehouse burned to the ground in 1968 and the elder Dreisbach opted for retirement, selling the business to his son, Ronald T. Dreisbach. The younger Dreisbach had spent his early life in the warehouse business and had more in mind than the simple rebuilding of that location. He saw a rapidly growing Northern California market and the consequent demands for both warehousing and distribution.


After rebuilding and upgrading (including blast freezing), Dreisbach joined the trucking industry in 1970. Recognizing that there is a natural marriage between quality transportation services and efficient cold storage business, he added a freight consolidation program to augment the Oakland warehouse services.


As the port of Oakland grew in influence throughout the 1970's the Oakland warehouse expanded its import-export services to include sea container drayage, shuttles, transloading and inspection services. With its close proximity to the Port and its blast freezing capability, the facility soon reached capacity.


In 1983 the business expanded to the Pajaro Valley, where a state-of- the-art warehouse (Hilltop) was built in Watsonville, California. Constructed specifically for the handling and freezing of the valley's strawberries, vegetables, and fish, this facility brought an addition of 3.6 million cubic feet of storage and the ability to blast freeze 1,000,000 pounds of product per day.


Shortly after opening the Hilltop facility, the company established a freight consolidation and shipping program for the Watsonville customers. This program reached such success that it ultimately became a separate company and operates today as Dreisbach Freight Services, serving perishable commodity customers independent of location or destination.


In 2006, Jason Dreisbach, the son of Ron Dreisbach was named Chief Operating Officer. The grandson of Frank Dreisbach was effectively brought up in a refrigerated warehousing environment and represents the 3rd generation of Dreisbach ownership. Additionally in 2006, Dreisbach acquired a second warehouse in Watsonville, a 1.5 million cubic feet facility whose focus is the processing and freezing of fish.


From the initial cooling of fruit in the early ’50’s to today’s technology driven freezing, warehousing, and transporting of goods, Dreisbach Enterprises has grown with the industry. Our multi-generational perspective coupled with a management team who averages over 30 years experience ensures the expertise necessary to provide the highest levels of service in refrigerated logistics.